Caring for knitwear is very simple. After wearing the knitwear for some time, you can leave it out in the fresh air for a while, which helps the wool regain its original properties.
As a rule, it is recommended to air out rather than wash wool items.
Please read the following information and follow as instructed to keep your knitwear as good as new for longer.

Good to know
Wool is a very skin-friendly material. Of all types of textile fibres, wool is 100% natural, the most skin-friendly and breathable material with good heat-regulating properties.
VWool fibres are soft and fluffy, and they have excellent heat-retaining properties and allow air to flow. Wool products absorb moisture, keeping your body dry even when you're sweating. The natural grease in the wool protects the products from staining easily.
Wool products are perfect for all seasons due to their lightness, breathability and thermal conductivity.

Washing and drying
Hand wash at 30 °C. Wool does not tolerate rubbing and scrubbing; it should be washed by pressing gently, quickly and lightly. Do not wring out excess water from wool items; instead, squeeze them lightly. Wash with a detergent that is specifically meant for wool. Do not wash wool items with detergents that contain enzymes or bleaching agents.

Bear in mind the following:

  • Wool clothing is steamed instead of ironing, because ironing presses the wool fibres together, resulting in the material losing its good properties.
  • We recommend steaming at a low heat, and inside out if possible. 
  • Wool products are dried by laying them out on a flat surface, e.g. a towel. This method also helps to restore the original size and shape of stretched out items. Wool takes some time to dry since it absorbs a lot of moisture.


  • Never wash or spin your knitwear in the washing machine.
  • Dry cleaning can change the colour and softness of the knitwear.
  • Drying knitwear in direct sunlight causes them to become brittle.
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